A Memorable Visit to the Island of Nevis

The island of Nevis is a stunning place to visit, either for pleasure, tour, or just a visit, there is a lot of places to visit admire, the cities, beaches and even historical nature, there is something for everyone.

The capital of Nevis is the Charlestown with an architectural style of the colonial times, the people of Nevis are friendly and welcoming, and you will always fall in love with the hospitality while moving around the island.

Major attraction sites in Nevis

 The Beaches

Breezy and  tropical is just one of many words to describe the Nevis beaches, the weather is always spectacular, on the western side is the most popular and developed beach, where you can enjoy swimming on the tropical water or enjoy the afternoon on the sultry sandy beach.

 The Gallery

Nevis has the most amazing art work that are preserved at the island’s galleries, here you can visit see all kind of painting and sketches that represent the culture of the people of Nevis, one of the famous gallery that is must to visit is the Eva Wilkin Art Gallery.

The Ruins

Most of the Nevis architecture is from the colonial era, you will enjoy the visit to the popular ruins destination, such as Cottle church, the Hamilton estates, sugar mills, the Bath hotel build in 1778.

Things to do on the island of Nevis

 Adventures Activities

Apart from enjoying the sunbathing at the beaches there are a lot of activities such as water sports. Other activities that will be hard to resist, is the mountain biking to Nevis peak, then a ride though a dry sloop with view of the island.  Other available adventure are scuba diving and the deep sea diving.

 Nature Trails

There is a lot of places to visit apart from the beaches, hiking a nature trails will be one of the memorable thing to do on the island.  Nevis has many experienced tour guides for trips to the top of Nevis peak .  Other trails around the island, includes the Heb’s nature tour through the rain forest. The waterfall tour and the golden rock nature trail are awesome for hiking through the tropical forest through the meanders to the sloppy side of the island.

Where to stay

There is a variety of hotel and resorts, inns and guest houses to book and stay while in vacation in Nevis.  The resorts and hotels are simply the best with their experienced and friendly staffs.  Most of the popular hotels and resorts in Nevis are close to the tropical beach which is a plus for the beach bums!

There are several cheap hotels and apartments for the travellers around if you are on a tight budget.  Although they may not have the amenities of the 5 star resorts you will still feel at home.


To get around the island it is ideal to rent a vehicle from a nevis car rentals agency.  This will allow you to move around at your own convenience.  Be free to explore the island at your leisure without worry about traffic as no one is in a hurry to get anywhere.

If you rather to be driven around in air conditioned luxury, you can always use a taxi service.  These taxi drivers are some of the best tour guides on the island.

Another option would be to use the public buses.  These are the more economically choice for getting around.  One drawback to using a public bus is that after peak hours they do not run as frequently and they don’t really transport you directly to your hotel.  You may have to walk quite a distance to reach your destination.


The island of Nevis  is a romantic place for a destination wedding, there are perfect spots for ceremony and reception, there are several resorts that have specialized in hosting weddings and also accommodate the guests, and you will have a special and memorable wedding with your loved ones.

So are you ready to explore paradise?  Absolutely.

For more information on Nevis, visit www.explorenevis.com