Enjoy Your Vacation Holiday on Eleuthera Beaches

Eleuthera Island is one unique and pristine destination in Bahamas, it’s located about 80 km Eastern side of the Nassau Island. It is considered to have some of the world’s most exotic beaches ever. Its beaches are spotting unspoiled white sand and clear waters; many visitors are impressed to set foot on the Island for its great holiday experience. The Island is long and thin in its entire area, it measures about 177 km long and approximately 1.6 km wide or there about, in the year 2000 it had a population of about 11,200 only. But due to recent development and tourism interest, its population has increased to almost twice that or there around.

Climate of Eleuthera:

Being a beach Island in South Eastern Bahamas makes it an ideal place with warm holiday weather, it has various climatic conditions but at any rate it’s a preferred holiday destination. Its beaches come in varieties of wide rolling yellow sands, or coral reefs of ancient times. The Eastern side of Eleuthera faces Atlantic Ocean, while the other side it faces the Great Bahamas Bank, the area only experience two major seasons that is Summer which is from May to October with high rainfall. Its winter is from November through April with little rainfall and high humidity. Many visitors enjoy their holiday during the winter, but even summer season is also great for holiday, strong hurricane winds do occur from June to November though low in June, July, and August.

Renting a Beach Houses:

Beach houses in Eleuthera make the best part of any vacation in the area, many visitors prefer to come here all the year round to experience great breathtaking holiday. There are many different kinds of holiday beach houses for rentals in the area; they range in sizes and locations. But you will agree with me that they are the most enjoyable accommodation you can ever find around the world, they are built in close proximity to water frontage that makes you to enjoy water activities while on your holiday in the area.

Types of Beach Houses:

There are many kinds of Eleuthera villa rentals depending on your personal choice; they vary from luxury beach resorts to moderate beach houses that is a delight of every customer. There are various vacation homes for rents, beach cottages of different sizes, and big beach estates which are built in gated community styles. At any rate you can choose from any style of vocational rental in the area. Eleuthera beach house rentals comes in many forms and styles, there are luxury villas mostly built in own compounds with many facilities. There is every kind of beach rental houses according to every individual choice; they come from one bedroom luxury, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms, and more.

Luxury Accommodation Facilities:

Most of these rentals come with unique and luxurious facilities that make your holiday enjoyable, they are built right within the reach of water-frontage, they have several baths that are tastefully fitted with elegantly decked interiors. In luxury villas you will find all inclusive facilities like warm swimming pools, concierge services, besides several baths. You will also have a chance to bask out in well-appointed recliners, where you can enjoy your meal as you view the horizons or the sea waves. All beach houses have every necessary facilities including refrigerator, all cooking facilities for self-catering. Catering services is also available in many of these rental homes, it depend on your choice.

Why Rent a Beach Home:

The area doesn’t have many hotels as such that can make your holiday fun, but the rental caters for even better services as you can want. Things like clear water swimming pools, spas, and room services. You also have an option of meals to be included the range of services, the price ranges from $1500 to $8500 per week depending on which rentals and services. There are many options to choose from according to your budget, number of guests and other factors.

If you are planning for a holiday in Eleuthera Island in Bahamas, think about booking your preferred beach house to make your stay unique and fulfilling. There are many options to choose from with unique facilities you can enjoy.