Oregon is more than just forests

Most people think that there is nothing to do in Oregon. Just a boring state that nobody really cares about, right? Wrong! You are wrong if you think that.

Oregon is a beautiful state where you can just escape from your stressful life. Oregon is home to Crater Lake, OMSI, the Gilbert House, and the Oregon coasts are a wonder that everybody should see. If you don’t mind putting up with a little rain, I know you will enjoy Oregon.

It also has the Multanomah Falls, Wildlife Safari, and the Ashland plays are to die for. The Ashland plays are pure masterpieces. You can hunt and fish or just take a relaxing stroll on the beach. In the winter time, you need to visit Diamond Lake. It is absolutely beautiful. You can go snowmobiling, take walks in the snow, or hang out in the lodge and sip hot chocolate.

The dunes on the Oregon coast is a place where every ATV rider should visit. Sandboarding is another great activity to do on the dunes. Oregon may not be a very popular state (th ere is only about 3 million people here), but it is a drop dead gorgeous state with so much to do!

You will never be bored in Oregon.