Our Caribbean Adventure: Where is Nevis ?

Nevis is one of the islands found in the Caribbean Sea that form the leeward island arc. Nevis is a Small Island of about 93 square kilometers and serves as the capital of Charlestown. The small island if found along the northern end of the lesser Antilles archipelago, south east of the famous Puerto Rico. The island of Nevis together with the island of saint Kitts forms the Saint Kitts and Nevis federation.

The island of Nevis has a conical shape and is characterized by Nevis peak which is at its centre at its centre. The tiny island has some beautiful sandy beaches which has a mixture of both black and white sand. The sand is believed to have been a product of the volcanic eruptions in the nearby volcanic rocks. The island also has few freshwater springs and volcanic hot springs.

The word Nevis was derived from a Spanish word which translates to our lady of the snows. The history of the island dates back to the 18th century when British settlers planted sugarcane of the island. They had named the island as the sweet island because of its high quality sugarcane. Earlier before the British settler arrived the island was known as the land of beautiful waters and was mainly settled by the Caribs and the dulcina.

The island has some historical connections to the Americans because it is believed that Alexander Hamilton was born and it is where he spent his early childhood life. The island is less populated having a total population of just 12000 citizens. Most of the residents of the island are of the African descent, this being as a result of the African slaves who were brought from Africa to work in the sugar plantations.

Nevis is a perfect destination for those people who just want some relaxation or romantic couples going for honey moon or anniversary trips or wedding engagements. Some of the things you can engage in while on the island include, hiking, boat riding, golfing on the beach and engaging in goat and pig roasting which is common on the island.

The best and famous restaurants on the island include the following; the bananas restaurant, the gallipot restaurant, the double deuce restaurant and the nisbet beach club. Nevis is a perfect tourist destination in the Caribbean.