Remote Tropical Islands in the Caribbean

If you are looking to truly get away from it all, the Caribbean Islands are the perfect place to do just that. But if you want to avoid the typical overcrowded tourist destinations and head to a quieter remote tropical island, here are four places you will want to consider.


Nature-lovers will love hiking the Waitukubuli National Trail exploring the lush valleys, dense rainforests, and towering mountains of Dominica. There are no chain resorts on the island and very limited nightlife. In fact, there is little commercial development at all. Dominica is the perfect place for the eco-tourist who just wants to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature in its purest form.

Activities on the island include hiking, biking, snorkeling and diving. You may want to consider mailing your gear to the hotel ahead of your arrival as renting equipment in Dominica can be quite pricey.

Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) – Cuba

Come adventure pirate-style on this tropical island where the books Treasure Island and Peter Pan were written. Sunken ships and exotic coral make scuba-diving the most popular activity of choice here.

Both Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Peter Pan by James Matthew Barrie are rooted, in part, on accounts of Isla de la Juventud and its native and pirate inhabitants. A place for escape artists and adventure types alike, the storied isle has ample opportunities for getting way off the beaten track. Its southern section is a playground of largely undiscovered wilderness while the southwestern part near Punta Frances is known for its world-class scuba diving. Look hard enough and you might just find a hidden treasure.

Buck Island, St. Croix – U.S. Virgin Islands

Buck Island preserves one of the best Caribbean marine garden habitats. The island closes down at sunset and reopens at sunrise to protect nesting sea turtles that reside there. Endangered creatures such as a family of hawksbill turtles and brown pelicans are protected here. The island is mostly surrounded by a thick elk horn barrier reef. Over 250 species of fish reside in the underwater depths.

The only way to get to Buck Island in St. Croix is by boat. Relax on the beach or enjoy the main activities of hiking, scuba diving and underwater snorkeling offered on the island.

Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Secluded white sand beaches seem to stretch on indefinitely on this tropical island surrounded by striking coral reefs. Snorkelers can explore the underwater depths with amazing mazes, tunnels and drops throughout the coral reefs. On land, visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports and bone fishing.

Discover the rich history of the local culture by exploring wreckages of numerous Spanish galleons, American privateers and British warships. Weave your way through a stone wall maze surrounding the Main Town’s Settlement, or through the Arawak’s ancient conch burial mounds in the East End.

For those who want to escape the expensive mass-tourism destinations without sacrificing quality, these choices will be sure to delight you. Explore underwater treasures, exotic cultures and majestic scenery in one of the most beautiful paradises on Earth. You’ll be glad you came.