Visiting Eastern Canada

Our group made a different trip this year and we decided we were going to visit the Eastern part of Canada. Upon landing at the Halifax airport we proceeded to the rental car desk and got the best reception ever. We got our car and drove into the city of Halifax and found our accommodations. We stayed with a local couple in the basement of their house. The house was this old style from the 1800’s and the people were dressed like from Anne of Green Gables. Later in the evening we walked the water front of Halifax Harbour. We were amazed by the museum of ships here and all the good seafood restaurants. Tonight for dinner we indulged in some lobster at one of the finest restaurants in town. Served in the best Canadian style of hospitality ever. The people so far we found on this part of the country are very warm and inviting.

The next day we did a road trip around to a few sites in the area. One main attraction was Peggy’s Cove, a lighthouse that is a postal office on a rock. I found this to be the most amazing thing I have ever seen. My other half wanted to go swimming by the rocks, but water seem way to cold today.

Our next stop was to Prince Edward Island to city of Charlottetown. Here we found the best ice cream in the world. A place called Cow’s Ice cream located by the dock. They had so many flavours that I had to go back for more after my first cone. We ate supper of lobster at Myron’s Place in the downtown core, very amazing. We walked around the entertainment area of the city and found many nice Irish pubs playing live celtic music at all hours of the night.

Our last stop of the east part of Canada was to St.John’s in province of Newfoundland. This seem to be my most favourite area. I visited Signal Hill where the first communications across the ocean was done. Also visited the most eastern point in all of Canada. People here are different and talk like from another country. I loved the charm of this city and found great nightlife on George Street. The entertainment in this area was so amazing, I could come back for more. We took at a nice kayak tour at Cape Broyle on our last day where we say many whales and caves in the water.

I have visited many parts of Canada and I find the east coast the most amazing part of it all. I would recommend anyone to visit any day.

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